Thursday, February 15, 2018

20 year Challenge Yarrick completed…


I finished up my Yarrick model a couple hours ago.  Turned out pretty good, at least a decent tabletop standard.  I had fun messing with the banner, its a custom printed decal using Testors decal printing sheets.  Its the same way I did my Halfling banners and shields.  Anyways on to the pics.

2018-02-15 15.11.26

2018-02-15 15.11.32

2018-02-15 15.11.40

2018-02-15 15.11.45   The back banner didn't turn out quite as well as the front, I mirror imaged the pic and for some reason it didn't print as well…

2018-02-15 15.14.14

Next few shots have a backdrop, for the Challenge…

2018-02-15 15.15.44

2018-02-15 15.15.07

2018-02-15 15.17.16 HDR

Back drop setup, the lights are adequate, but could be a bit better, Also I just used my phone so not terrible.  I was too lazy to break out the big camera…

     So that's done, back to painting Nighthaunts.  I'm gonna work on those for a few more weeks then its back to Halflings for tournaments.



20 year challange…

So this is where I am at right now. 

2018-02-15 08.47.14

Like I said its a little blah right now.  Got a few more washes and then reclaiming highlights, so we will see soon enough…



20 year Challenge update…


So I have been working on my challange mini this week.  Right now it looks at that point all models hit where its like, “blah this dosent look very good…”

But I am gonna finish it up, it will look off till I put the last wash on.

2018-02-13 12.37.27

Uber banner for the win

2018-02-13 12.37.30

The base is all glittery, cause of the candle sand I am using.  Don't worry It wont stay gold long.

2018-02-13 14.04.03

All primed up and ready to go

2018-02-13 14.11.45

Base first

2018-02-13 15.18.42

2018-02-13 15.18.48

2018-02-13 15.41.43

Turned out pretty good so far…Next up Yarrick